Free food for no bill: Indian Railways

Free food for no bill: Indian Railways

Free food if you don’t get billed! You heard it right, Indian Railways is making it a reality. If you don’t get a bill for the food you buy at any railway station, you can get the food for free.

This policy is an outcome of overpricing tactic of the vendors. To not get duped by them IRCTC has made sure that the passengers are not paying more than what they should pay.

Between April and October last year there were a little over 7,000 complaints of overcharging of food on trains. Overcharging food items in the trains or at the station is the second largest problem of Indian railways.

March 31 of 2018 was the beginning of this new trend where Indian Railways made it compulsory for the passengers travelling in trains to ask for bill even when it’s a coffee.

Thus in turn the caterers in the trains won’t be able to make use of the passengers’ needs.

A similar approach has been applied to the railway stations food stalls and vendors recently by Indian Railways where they will be obliged to generate a bill for every small thing a passenger buys.

This is also been publicised on its ticket booking website.

Source:- indiatimes